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What is hospice consulting?

Critical Consults works with primary care veterinarians and hospice providers to help develop the best plan for optimal patient care. Our board certified specialists in Emergency and Critical Care are experienced at end-of-life decision making, pain management, and therapies to improve overall patient comfort. We work directly with other veterinarians to provide a team approach to patient care.

How much does it cost?

Consultation via E-mail is $75. Please fill out the form on the e-mail page. The typical turn around time is 24 hours. This is the consultation type for non-emergent questions and long-term plan development. Emergency hospice consultations via phone are the same prices as our traditional consultations. Those are $99 for a single call (One Time) consultation, or $150 for multiple calls over 24 hours (24 Hour Consult). For more information on emergency consultations via phone, please see our Prices and Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my client call you to discuss the plan?

Critical Consults is a service for veterinarians only. We encourage clients to speak with their hospice provider or use some of the helpful links provided. Legally, we are not allowed to advise clients directly.

When are hospice consults available?

E-mail consultations are answered within 24 hours. Emergency consultations are performed during our business hours, which are 6pm-8am EST Mon-Fri and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Please see our section on Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of services does the hospice consultation provide?

We are experts in formulating pain management plans, providing alternative ideas for antiemetics and quality of life measures, and discussing how best to treat the hospice emergency at home. For example, we can offer medications suggestions for the long term congestive heart failure patient, alternative therapies for the bleeding hemangiosarcoma, or discuss procedures that can be performed in the outpatient setting to help quality of life (abdominocentesis, thoracocentesis, nerve blocks, etc.)

I've never set up hospice for a patient before, and I need some help!

We have provided some links to helpful resources for the hospice provider. If this is your first time setting up hospice for a patient, the client handouts section will be on particular benefit. One the most important aspects is clear and honest communication, along with realistic goal setting. The goal of hospice to allow a natural death with dignity, or to provide euthanasia at the appropriate time. This is different for each patient and client.

‚ÄčProviding practical case management advice

to veterinarians with challenging cases

Anesthesia Services will be 24 hr turn-around time only - Aug 1-3, Aug 16-20, Aug 24-28, Sept 6-9 and Sept 10-19