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"I just wanted to extend another thank you to your team. 
First, thank you to Dr. Costello for all the help with Black Jack and the support you provided. Some days it is difficult being an emergency veterinarian in an isolated emergency referral practice and you really helped work through this case, answer all my questions and helped me do right by my clients and patients. Thank you for your time and humor in these stressful cases!
Thank you Dr. Butler with your help for Sienna. I was glad to know my reading was pointing me in the right direction, but needed direction on how to proceed. I appreciate the time you took to look at the ECG and get back to me so I knew all the steps moving forward and how best to approach an ECG I had never seen before.
Thank you, I have learned a lot this weekend alone! I appreciate the kindness, understanding, timely responses and detailed consultations. We do not hear it enough, nor say it enough, how much of a great job we do everyday and we don't give ourselves enough praise. I hope all is well and I know I have a lot to learn and a lot of reading on my own journey towards (Hopefully) specializing. If you have any suggested resources that pertain to either of these cases, I would love to read up! Thank you again, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me sometime in the future!"

Natasha Walzthoni, DVM, Diagnostic Imaging Intern/Emergency Veterinarian
Veterinary Specialty Centre of Newfoundland and Labrador

Need Help? We're here. 

It's 3:00 in the morning. You have a patient who ingested homemade playdough, and is neurologically abnormal with a sodium of 194 meq/L - what is the optimal fluid type and maximum rate to safely decrease it? You need to place a chest tube... but haven't done one since vet school and would like us to talk you through it? Or you have a difficult to manage respiratory distress case? The founder of Critical Consults, Dr. Amy Butler, realized that many emergency practitioners had no one to turn to for help in the middle of the night. Thus, the idea for Critical Consults was born.

Critical Consults provides telemedicine consulting services to veterinarians struggling with difficult cases. No matter the date or the time, you can always reach us. Our consultants have over 75 years of combined experience as specialists in Critical Care.

Please note:Critical Consults is a service for veterinarians only. If you are a pet owner, please contact your nearest veterinary emergency hospital.

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