Anesthesia Services will be unavailable:

May 26-June 15, July 19-23, and Aug 9-10, 2024.



It's 3:00 in the morning. You have a patient who ingested homemade playdough, and is neurologically abnormal with a sodium of 194 meq/L - what is the optimal fluid type and maximum rate to safely decrease it? You need to place a chest tube... but haven't done one since vet school and would like us to talk you through it? Or you have a difficult to manage septic peritonitis case requiring multiple pressors? The founder of Critical Consults, Dr. Amy Butler, realized that many emergency practitioners had no one to turn to for help in the middle of the night. Thus, the idea for Critical Consults was born. We have been serving the veterinary community since 2014, with the mission that no veterinarian should ever feel alone. We started with 3 criticalists, and over the years have grown to a team of 9 criticalists and one anesthesiologist. However, we remain a small business independently owned and operated by veterinarians.

Critical Consults provides teleconsulting services to veterinarians struggling with difficult cases.

No matter the date or the time, you can always reach us.