Providing immediate case consultation to veterinarians with challenging cases


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all major holidays!

"There may be minor procedures, but there is no such thing as a minor anesthesia"

                            - Dr. Marc Raffe

Anesthesia services are available in two ways: Either as individual case consultations (i.e., for a specific patient) or as part of anesthesia protocol planning for your hospital. Read more below!

Anesthesia Protocol Planning:

Dr. Raffe can help your hospital to create new anesthesia protocols or update existing ones. To request this service, please call 1-844-NEED-ECC (633-3322), select extension '2' and leave a voicemail for Dr. Raffe. Be sure to include your name, your hospital name and your email address. He will then call or e-mail you to set up a time to discuss your anesthesia needs.

Price: $200/hour - usually 2-6 hours depending on the depth of consultation. 

Individual Patient Consulting:

Mrs. Smith's little 16 year old Poodle "Fluffy" desperately needs a dental cleaning. Given Fluffy's history of diabetes, Cushing's disease and a heart murmur, Mrs. Smith is reluctant to have this performed because she is worried about the anesthesia. Would it help to have Fluffy's anesthesia plan developed by a board-certified anesthesiologist? Fluffy gets the dental care she so desperately needs, Mrs. Smith's mind is at ease, and you are able to provide the optimal care for your patient.

Elements of the plan will include the following:

   1)  Preanesthetic drugs and management
   2)  Induction drugs and management
   3)  Maintenance drugs and management
   4)  Perioperative patient support including fluid therapy, temperature and ventilation support in addition to any unique patient management requirements.
   5)  Patient monitoring and goal parameters
   6)  Perioperative and postoperative pain control
   7)  Recovery support and management
   8)  Special needs